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When you think of a bouncer standing outside of a nightclub, you may think of a large, muscled man with a grimace on his face and possibly an overly aggressive attitude. In truth, a bouncer does not need to have this stereotypical look or a bad attitude in order to be effective. Perhaps because of a nightclub owner’s desire to make a certain impression, he or she may hire a bouncer who is untrained and can cause serious injury to a patron.

Our premises liability attorneys know and understand what a bouncer’s rights are in regards to physical contact and force. For example, did you know that a bouncer is not supposed to use force unless in self-defense or while making an arrest? Otherwise, they must use caution in handling patrons while escorting them from the building. Our lawyers can help to prove that a bouncer or doorman used extreme force and therefore hold the nightclub owner responsible for medical costs and more.

Nightclub Injuries and Accidents

On the flip side of the coin, security outside or inside a nightclub has the burden of ensuring club goers are kept safe by breaking up fights or escorting extremely inebriated or disruptive individuals from the club. If you are attacked or assaulted while on the premises of the nightclub and security personnel did nothing to prevent it (and could have) you may be able to sue the nightclub owner for damages.

If you have been injured by a bouncer at a nightclub or a bar, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. Our premises liability attorneys will be able to advise you on your options and create a plan for holding the club owner responsible.

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