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Bicycle accidents are often caused by motorists who are either unaware of the presence of a cyclist or who fail to give cyclists the respect they deserve as fellow drivers on the road. Negligence and inattentiveness are leading causes for motorist-caused bicycle accidents.

Several more common motorist errors leading to bicycle accidents are:

  • Turning right in front of a cyclist
  • Pulling out into traffic in front of a cyclist
  • Disobeying traffic laws, such as running a red light or not looking both ways before proceeding from a stop sign
  • Inattention while driving passed a cyclist on the road
  • Driving under the influence or alcohol or drugs
Your rights as a cyclist

In California, bicycling is an ever-increasing form of transportation because of its convenient and inexpensive nature, not to mention the appeal it holds for nature loving and health conscious individuals. Some motorists, however, seem to have a prejudice toward cyclists and will choose to ignore them or fail to treat them as fellow drivers.

Every 6 hours, a bicyclist is fatally injured. A cyclist is unnaturally exposed while biking on a road. A standard bike is no match for a motor vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. Injuries are usually severe and can include broken bones, head, neck and spine injuries and even permanent paralysis or disfigurement.

At The Vaziri Law Group, we use knowledge and dedication to help cyclists who have been wrongly injured by a motorist. We can acquire substantial compensation for physical injury, property damage and mental anguish.

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