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Amusement parks, roller coasters, and theme parks are fun and exciting forms of diversion. Unfortunately, these diversions can carry risks. Amusement parks have large amounts of mechanical equipment and that equipment can easily cause injury to unknowing victims. Even when a ride is “functioning properly” according to the technician, it may in fact be missing safety equipment which can cause serious injury.

The premises liability attorneys at Vaziri Law Group are committed to helping Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Long Beach and Orange County residents with their theme park accidents. With Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, and many more amusement parks in the area, accidents are fairly common. It is our goal to help you, if you have been the victim of an amusement park accident, hold the responsible party liable. You can not only get compensation for your injuries but can take action to urge California to implement strict rules and regulations regarding roller coaster safety.

Roller Coaster Accidents

Amusement park accidents usually occur on roller coasters. Every theme park tries to stay ahead of the curve with their roller coasters by making them faster, taller, and more complex with loops and large drops. These changes only increase the risk factor of riding a coaster. Roller coaster accidents can occur for one or more of many reasons.

  • Mechanical failure
  • Improper maintenance
  • Inadequate safety equipment
  • Structural damage due to wear and tear
  • Improper assembly
  • Negligent operator behavior

Our Premises Liability lawyers are proud to serve Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, and Orange County in all areas of premises liability.

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